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As the sun sets on an epic Padres game, there’s no better way to keep the good times rolling than at Full Moon, a laid-back gem conveniently located near Petco Park. We’re thrilled to be featured on Petco Park Insider’s list of the best restaurants in the area, and we invite you to experience our casual and inviting atmosphere for an exceptional dining experience.

Take a breather from the game day hustle and join us to discover our incredible sushi selection. Our talented sushi chefs craft mouthwatering rolls with care, offering a delectable array of flavors that perfectly complement the relaxed vibes of your post-game celebration.

Click here to read Petco Park Insider’s full article and uncover why we’ve become a favorite among Petco Park visitors seeking a casual and enjoyable dining experience.

Whether you’re a die-hard Padres fan or simply looking to unwind after a game, Full Moon provides the perfect retreat to savor delicious food in a relaxed setting. Make your reservation today!