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First Kaizen Sushi Restaurant in San Diego

October 10, 2020, San Diego- Refined under the tutelage of master sushi luminaries, Chef Sung Kim’s Full Moon Sushi located at 926 Fifth Ave is beautifully and uniquely displayed in the Gaslamp Quarter.  Full Moon Sushi is the first Kaizen sushi restaurant in San Diego.  Joining Chef Sung is a brigade of talented cooks and a staff with an unwavering dedication to quality and service.

Bluefin Tuna All the way from Spain

As one of the best seafood restaurants in San Diego, our number one priority is to serve our customers the freshest and best-tasting seafood available locally or internationally. We are now serving the largest, fastest, and most beautifully colored fish in the world the Bluefin tuna. To ensure our guests receive the best experience, the Bluefin has been shipped to us from Spain. Bluefin tuna is becoming a rare delicacy because the demand for it is so high, but supplies is low. Bluefin contains fatty marbling and this makes the meat of its belly incredibly prized. When demand grew for this type of fish in the 1970s, many fishers flocked to the oceans seeking Bluefin tuna. Over the past years, this caused the fish to become an extraordinary delicacy for seafood lovers. Full Moon prides itself on bringing this type of exotic fish and presenting it to the community of San Diego. We are proud to be serving you Bluefin tuna and we want to make sure you gain the best experience while trying it.

New Website Launched

New Website Launched

We would like to thank our friends at Formula Marketing for our new website that has SEO and user experience in mind. We wanted to make the website easier to use for anyone who wants to visit our wonderful sushi experience in the heart of downtown. Make a reservation...