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Full Moon Sushi Happy Hour

Tuesday-Thursday, 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Mission Blonde, White Rascal, Stone IPA, Asahi, Pizza Port Chronic Amber
6oz Gekkeikan Hot Sake, 6oz Chilled Night Swim

Tofu or Fresh Manila Clam

Flash fried and sauteed in a yuan sauce, topped with bonito flakes

Pan fried, fire roasted pepper, jumbo lump crab, mixed greens with plum wasabi aioli

Sapporo Light, Sapporo, Kirin Light, Eel River Porter, Grapefruit Boochcraft (Kombucha)
Sparkling, White, Red

Sea Salt or Garlic with Tajin

California, Avocado, Salmon Cucumber, and Spicy Albacore

Salmon, shrimp, bacon wrapped asparagus, chicken, and mushroom with zucchini ($2.00)

Make your evening very special.